Oliver by Valentino 90's Purple Rectangular Frame Sunglasses

    700.00 zł

    Condition: New
    Made in Italy
    Period: 90's
    Color: Purple
    Model: OL272/S 6LB0E
    Size: 120 x 99 x 01
    Replacement Case
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    In 1984, Valentino — who had a habit of spinning off diffusion lines —launched a new ready-to-wear label to target a younger demographic, and he named it Oliver after his favorite Pug. It was reported that Oliver by Valentino was more youthful and “livelier” than his original line, with playful, “sexy” tailoring featuring curved jackets and side-draped skirts and an attitude that was both “haughty and confident.”

    Oliver is the prestigious off spring of Valentino Clemente Garavani. One of the few real couture houses, Valentino is famous for its luxurious decadence transcended into everything they touched. Oliver by Valentino eyewear became famous for its very innovative shapes and use of custom lenses. Progressive colours and metals is the mark that Oliver by Valentino was known for in the Vintage Sunglasses industry.